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  • 14th World Chin Woo Martial Arts Championship & Cultural Festival
    The 14th World Chin Woo Martial Arts Championship & Cultural Festival in collaboration with the Legends of Kung Fu Championship will be on July 22nd to 25th, 2016 will be held in Dallas, Texas. With participants from more than 30 different countries expected to attend.

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Chin Woo History

Grandmaster Huo Yan Jia (founder of Chin Woo, 1867 - 1909) was the fourth child in the family of 10 brothers and sisters. During his childhood, he frequently became ill and, as a result, was often taken advantage of by the other children in his province. Ironically, Master Huo’s father, who was teaching kungfu, refused to teach his son the martial art. Therefore the young Huo was forced to hide behind bushes and watch as his father taught other students in the courtyard. Master Huo practiced on his own for the next 10 years. His parents never discovered this until he began to fight with his peers and defeat them. Later, his father officially accepted him and taught his younger son all that he knew. One day, he fought with a foreigner and immediately gained fame. It was during this time that many foreigners were in China, and some referred to the Chinese as the “Sick Men of Asia.” To keep the Chinese image, Master Huo decided to organize the Chin Woo School to allow all Chinese the opportunity to learn Chinese kungfu and strengthen themselves in order to defend the country. In 1909, a European wrestler was sent to Shanghai to challenge any Chinese that would accept. News quickly spread all over Shanghai. Later, some Chinese people invited Master Huo to Shanghai to accept the challenge. He seized the opportunity and emerged victorious. This incident further escalated Master Huo’s reputation.

As word of his victory further spread, so did the Chin Woo spirit. Unfortunately, in August 1909, Master Huo died, but on March 3, 1910, Mr. Chen Gong Zhe, Mr. Yao Chan Bo and Mr. Lu Wei Chang reopened the Chin Woo school. After Master Huo Yan Jia passed away, his younger brother, Mr. Huo Yuan Siang, and his son, Mr. Huo Tong Ker, continued to teach at the Chin Woo Association. Later, many famous martial-arts masters were invited to teach in Chin Woo. Even though they came from different schools, they all followed Chin Woo regulations. Thus Chin Woo became a famous and popular martial-arts association in Shanghai. Chin Woo sponsored most of the martial-arts tournaments. However, in 1966, Shanghai Chin Woo was forced to discontinue their martial-arts activities due to communist regulations. Those restrictions were later lifted, and martial-arts activities were again alive in the Shanghai Chin Woo.

After the death of Master Huo, Chin Woo was reorganized to make it available to other parts of China and Asia. In 1920, Shanghai Chin Woo sent representatives to Southeast Asia. Mr. Li Hui Seng, Mr. Luo Xiao Ao, Mr. Chen Gong Zhe, Mr. Ye Shu Tian, and Mrs. Chen Shi Chao made their first stop in Saigon, Vietnam. They opened the first Chin Woo School there and later in parts of Malaysia and Singapore. To prove their skills, they were often required to give demonstrations or accept challenges. By 1923, these five Chin Woo Masters had opened Chin Woo schools all over Southeast Asia and visited nine different countries. Of the five masters, Mr. Ye Shu Tian was considered the most knowledgeable in kungfu.

10 Forms of Chin Woo
Chin Woo Spirit


WISDOM: Man of Wisdom cannot be mislead

BENEVOLANCE: Man of Benevolence has no worry

COURAGE: Man of Courage has no fear


Chin Woo concept of Man: To achieve all around ability through moral, intellectual, and physical training

Chin Woo concept of Character: Respect for others and self respect through justice and integrity

Chin Woo concept of Caring: Humanity and equality through honesty and frankness

Chin Woo concept of Words and Deeds: A person's dealings are judged by his words and deeds

Chin Woo concept of Trustworthiness: To keep every pledge and promise

Chin Woo concept of Punctuality: To be punctual in appointment with no apology

Chin Woo concept of Justice: To uphold justice impartially

Chin Woo concept of Service: To render service with honor

Chin Woo concept of Welfare: To give and not to take

Chin Woo concept of Fraternity: To love others as you love yourself and your own family

World Directory


Americas | Asia & Pacific | China | Europe | Malaysia


Canadian Chin Woo Association Alex Kwok
Box 50085, Southslope RPO
Burnaby, BC


3 Strathearn Cres SW
Calgary, Alberta
Canada T3H 1R3

Ph: (403) 246-4551
Canadian Ging Wu
Kung Fu Martial Arts Association

Brendan Lee
2nd floor, 10712A - 98 Street
Edmonton, Alberta

Ph: (780) 421-7439 Fax: (780) 423-0179

Calgary Chin Woo Martial Arts Association 108 Paton Court S.W.
Calgary, Alberta, CANADA T2V-5G3
Chin Woo Argentina Street 6 #1210
La Plata (C.P. 1900) Prov. Buenos Aires
Chin Woo Hawaii
P.O. Box 27211
Honolulu, Hawaii 96827
Ontario Chin Woo Athletic Association 118 Micmac Crescent
Willowsdale, Ontario

Ph: (416) 498-6539
Peru Chin Woo Association Lima, PERU
USA Chin Woo Federation 899 E. Arapaho Rd.
Dallas, Texas 75081

Ph: (214) 878-4598

Asia & Pacific

Japan Chin Woo Athletic Association 1150 Kamitoyooka-Machi
Takasaki Shi, Gunma Ken, 370-0791, Japan
Ph/Fax: 027-343-0335
New South Wales Chin Woo Athletic Association Raymond Wu, Chairman
P.O. Box 495
Campsie, NSW 2194
Ph: 9649 7356
New Zealand Chin Woo Association
P.O. Box 6971
Auckland, New Zealand
Additonal website:
Singapore Chin Woo Athletic Association No.90, Neil Road,
Singapore 0208

Ph: (+65) 2238540 Fax: (+65) 2262891
Sri Lanka Chin Woo Athletic Association
3/7 Jayanthimawatha, Jayanthipura,
Battaramulla, Colombo,
Sri Lanka 10120

Ph: (0094) 1 888595 Fax: (0094) 1 784158
Thailand Chin Woo Athletic Federation
Gwilliam Fong
91 Thanon Mongkolpracha 2.
Haadyai Songkhla 90110

Ph: (074) 362849 Cell: 06-9566385
Vietnam Chin Woo Athletic Association 756, Nguyen Trai, Q.5
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Western Australia Chin Woo Athletic Association Tan Kee Lee, VP
5/386 South Street, O'Connor
W.A. 6163, Australia

Ph: (+61) (0) 41 222 3268 Fax: (+61)(8) 9337 8820
E-mail: and and
Chin Woo Association of India Gajanand Rajput
Raju Newar
Secretary General
G-16, Kalpnanagar
Chandkheda-382424, Ahmedabad
Gujarat State, India


Fo Shan Chin Woo Athletic Association
Fut Shan,
Guang Zhou, CHINA
Ph: 22932, 24775
Guang Zhou Chin Woo Athletic Association Guang Zhou, CHINA
Hong Kong Chin Woo Athletic Assoctiation
Flat B-C, 13th Floor, Wah Fung Building,
300 Nathan Road, Kowloon, HONG KONG

Ph: (852) 23843238 Fax: (852) 27827603
Liaoning Chin Woo Athletic Association Liaoning, CHINA 125001
Lu Fong Chin Woo Athletic Association Lu Fong, Guangdong, CHINA 516555
Macau Jing Wu Athletic Association Leong Chung Ling, President

Ph: (853) 235538 Fax: (853) 341790; (853) 726105
Shanghai Chin Woo Federation
Bldg No.30, Lane 1702 Shi Chuan Bei Road,
Shanghai, CHINA

Ph: 021-63241162; 021-63064212 Fax: 021-63241162
Email: ;
Tianjin Chin Woo Athletic Association Xiaonanhe Village, Xiqing District, Tianjin, China 300382
Tian Jin, CHINA

Ph: 022-23989292 Fax: 022-23988505
Yu Yao Chin Woo Athletic Association

Febcone Zhu
Room 302, Seat 22, Shan Xi New Residential Area,
Yu Yao, Zhejiang, CHINA 315400

Ph: (574) 62638962


British Chin Woo Athletic Association
6 Evelyn Mansions,
Carlisle Place, London SWIP 1NH

Ph: 071-8280564 Fax: 071-8282634
British Chin Woo Athletic Association The Need Ham Research Institute
8 Sylvester Rd, Cambridge
England CB3 9A7

Czech Republic Chin Woo

Secondary website

P.O. Box C. 195 14200 Praha 411
Czech Republic EUROPE

Ph/Fax: 004202-5615549

Dutch Chin Woo Athletic Association

also known as Nederland Chin Woo Athletic Association

Qui Rong Zhao
Surinamestraat 9
1944 XC Beverwijk

Ph: +31 251 259010; +31 70 3824982
Fédération Chin Woo (Jing Wu) France 6 allée des Bouleaux
Le Vieux Colombier
27110 Ste Opportune du Bosc
Ph: 00 (33) 6 05 36 34 91
Email : or f
France Chin Woo Athletic Association Cannes

France Chin Woo Athletic Association Cannes
20 Rue de la Rampe
06400 Cannes

Tel: 00 33 4 9399 1713

German Chin Woo Athletic Association Hugo-Jakobs-Str. 4
58332 Schwelm,
Holland Chin Woo Athletic Association Nieuwe Fellenoord 12
5612 KC Eindhoven
Italian Chin Woo Athletic Association
Via Levone, 1 Rocca Canavese
10070 (TO) ITALY

The London Chin Woo Company Ltd
(The British Institute for Chinese Martial Arts)
Alasdair Monteith
Sudbury School, Watford Rd
Wembley, Middx

Ph: (0208) 385 0884 Fax: (0208) 385 1588

Nederland Chin Woo Athletic Association

also known as Dutch Chin Woo Athletic Association

Qui Rong Zhao
97, Beetslaan, 2281 TH,
Rijswijk (Zuid Holland)

Ph: (00-31-70) 363-2210; (00-31-23) 525-2654
N.W. England Chin Woo Athletic Association 26, Wervin Road, Prenton,
Birkenhead, ENGLAND L43 OUZ
Polish Chin Woo Athletic Association 00 233 Warszawa
wl Franciszkanska 7/9

Ph/Fax: (+ 48 22) 887 77 88
Russian Chingwoo Federation
Dr. Alexey Maslov
Moscow 3/1-22 Spasopeskovski St.
RUSSIA, 121002

Phone/Fax: +7-095467-2806
Spain Chin Woo Athletic Association Calle aribau 115 Barcelona
08036 ESPANA

Chin Woo Schweiz (Swiss)

Chow Kok Yeng
Badenerstrasse 569,
8048 Zurich, SWITZERLAND

Ph: (41) 14935857 Fax: (41) 14001886
Chin Woo Switzerland Kampfkunst- & Fitnessclub,
Untere Zulgstrasse 1, 3613 Steffisburg,

Ph/Fax: 033 - 437 87 07
United Kingdom Chin Woo Martial Arts Athletic Association Lee Yokewan
62 Cleveland Gardens

Ph: (020) 8458 2108 Fax: (020) 8458 4608


Federation of Chin Woo Association Malaysia Chin Woo Stadium, Jalan Hang Jebat, 50150
Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA

Ph: (603) 20705025; 20724602 Fax: (603) 20729346
Ipoh Chin Woo Athletic Association No.36, Jalan Hussien, 30250, Ipoh,

Ph: 05-254 4019; 241 5561 Fax: 05-255 7303
Kampar Chin Woo Athletic Association
24 Jalan Kuala Dipang, 31900 Kampar,

Ph: 05-466 4560
Malacca Chin Woo Athletic Association No.34, Jalan Bukit China,
Malacca, MALAYSIA 75100

Ph: 06-2824543 Fax: 06-222659
Negeri Sembilan Chin Woo Athletic Association 8, Jalan Tuan Haji Said
70100 Seremban,
P.O. Box 164, 70720 Seremban,
Negeri Sembilan

Ph: 06-763 1262
Penang Chinese Chin Woo Athletic Association No.180-A, Burma Road, 10050

Ph: 04-226 9036
Penang Ladies Chin Woo Athletic Association No.39, Anson Road, 10400

Ph: 04-227 1648
Persatuan Olahraga Chin Woo Sabah W.D.T. No. 57, Wisma
90500, Sandakan, Sabah, MALAYSIA
Persatuan Sakun Chin Woo Kedah
01, Lorong Serai (off Jalan Stadium)
05100 Alor Setar, Kedah Darulaman, MALAYSIA

Ph: 04-730 7109
Persatuan Sukan Chin Woo Kuantan
E1483 Jalan Wong Ah Jang,
Kuantan 25100, Pahang, MALAYSIA

Ph: 09-513 1593
Persatuan Sukan Chin Woo Selangor
Jalan Hang Jebat, 50150,
Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, MALAYSIA

Ph: 03-2324602; 2305025
Persatuan Sukan Chin Woo Sungai Siput, Perat

232, Taman Tun Sambanthan
31100 Sungai Siput, Perak MALAYSIA

Tel/Fax +6055972039

Persatuan Sukan Chin Woo Teluk Intan
No. 51 Jalan Sithambaram Pillay,
36000 Teluk Intan, Perak, MALAYSIA

Ph: 05-621 2523 (o); 05-622 4195 (h)
Sarawak Chin Woo Association P.O. Box 841, Kuching, 93716

Ph: 082-248 388
Selangor Chinese Women Chin Woo Association No.15-17, Jalan Tong Shin,
Kuala Lumpur, 50200 Selangor, MALAYSIA

Ph: 03-2421004
Taiping Chin Woo Athletic Association No.18, Jalan Tokong
34000 Taiping,

Ph: 05-808 0282